I am studying French to push myself to reach fluency. I attend Céline’s weekly B2 sessions and also have private lessons with her. In both venues I have found her to be an outstanding language teacher. Céline is French, but her English language skills are practically native, so there is never any misunderstanding. She understands why English speakers make the mistakes and assumptions that we do. Further, Céline brings her lifelong experience of French culture to lessons, so while you learn the language you will deepen your appreciation of France and French cultural values. If you prefer to learn French around topics like philosophy, religion, politics or literature she can do it. If you’d rather discuss fashion, motor-racing, football, shopping or your social life, she can do all of that too. Céline is remarkable because she will meet you at your level both in terms of French and the topics that she uses to underpin each lesson. This approach provides you with exactly the type of lesson content that you need to keep you motivated and wanting to learn more. She is quite a talent.
Céline is an excellent teacher. She is very responsive to her students interests and plans accordingly. I have made great progress under her and she is clearly aware of my next steps.
Sarah F
Advanced level
I cannot recommend Céline highly enough! She is one of the best teachers that I have experienced in my long life: extremely knowledgeable, patient, encouraging while simultaneously holding high expectations of what can be accomplished, incredibly well organized for every lesson, relaxed while never losing sight of the task, always student focused, and clear in her instruction.
A-level student
Sean W
A-Level student
Learning French with Celine is like spending time with your best friend from the first lesson!!..expect to feel at ease and comfortable , nerves will quickly disappear and her soft and subtle way of teaching is tailor made to do the best for you and great fun at the same time …
intermediate level student
Jackie S
Intermediate level
You always find an easy way to teach or describe everything, so it is understandable and stays in mind for long time. Perfectly adapt for each student's level of knowledge. One of the best in the "league" 🙂
beginner student
Kris T
Beginner student
I have been studying French for over a year under Céline’s tuition via Zoom. The lessons have been tailored to my needs and interests. They include conversation, audio, written comprehension, grammar, video, popular culture and literature : from La Bajon to Jacques Prévert and from Voltaire to verlan. With Céline, I am always learning more about France and French culture and developing my language skills through practice and feedback. C’est en forgeant qu’on devient forgeron. I strongly recommend Céline as a structured yet flexible online French tutor.
Russell Jamieson - Cloud Architect
Russell J
DELF student
Céline, you are the best!!!! You will always easily find a way to teach each person, to adapt at their level and help to grow the knowledge quite fast! Always you came to teach the lesson with happiness and positive attitude.
Beginner student
Viola C.
Beginner student